My graphics were created for the intention of using in making signature tags and email stationery. However, you may also use them in other projects as well.  Please know that credit IS REQUIRED on anything you create using my graphics. The credit should look like this:

© Mod Girl Graphics

The graphics here at my site were created by me using AI technology. They are copyrighted to me and therefore cannot be used for any purpose other than what is described on this page. Any other use of my graphics is strictly forbidden. They cannot be resold in any form to others for monetary gain in anyway, shape or form. Doing so goes against my Terms of Use and if you are ever caught selling my graphics without my written permission, your account here at this site will be deleted. Legal action may also be taken against you for using my graphics illegally.

All the graphics I make are created as jpg images. You may however create psp tubes from my graphics for your own personal usage. You cannot however share any psp tubes you make using my graphics with others. That goes against my Term of Use.

If you have any questions about my Terms of Use please let me know by contacting me at the email address below. Thank You.