New Site!

I created this site to showcase (and sell) my original graphics that I have made recently. All my graphics were created using AI Technology and are copyrighted to me. Please be sure and read my Term of Use BEFORE purchasing and/or using any of my graphics.

All my graphics are created as jpg images but you may remove the background from my graphics and use them for your personal projects like tag making or creating email stationery. Please also know that since all my graphics are copyrighted to me, credit IS REQUIRED on each tag or email stationery you create when using my graphics. The credit should look like this:

© Mod Girl Graphics

Most of the graphics I have been creating lately have been fairies and other type of images that I myself would usually use when making tags. So, if you have any suggestions about what you’d like me to create next please let me know by leaving a comment here at my site.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you have fun creating tags and email stationery using my graphics! Hugs, Mod Girl.