New Products!

So I’ve been busy creating more graphics and the most recent sets include; Unicorns, Robots, Scenic Seasons, Little Girls, Cute Pups and Little Boys. I’ve been making a list of images I’d like to make next and if you have any suggestions about what you’d like me to make next, please leave a comment below.

A few of my friends have asked me more about the AI (Artificial Intelligence) program that I use to create my graphics. The program is available to all subscribed users of the site; CreativeFabrica dot com. And since I now have a 2 year subscription to the site I can use the program anytime I feel like it to make more graphics, lol. Now the program isn’t an exact science. It does create some odd type of graphics and you have to be sure and let the program know exactly what you want the image to look like that you are creating each time.

I have gone through so many hits and misses using the program and I think that’s the best way to get used to using it. By trial and error. But I’ll tell you, there were a lot of errors when using the program. Not everything I would try would work to my advantage and I had to get used to typing in special type of descriptions so the program would understand what I meant. It sounds so bizarre to some people and I guess it does when you think about it but the program does work and it can turn out some really lovely graphics if you just apply the time and effort to using it.

And if you don’t think so just have a look inside my shop. You’ll see some really nice graphics. And all those were created by trial and error. I honestly don’t know how many images I deleted because they didn’t come out as I planned. But I can tell you this much; there were a lot! LOL. Have a great day everyone and hugs, Mod Girl.