My Shop at Creative Fabrica

Okay, now I don’t want to confuse anyone so please read this in it’s entirety, lol.

I have created a shop at which you can find here:

Now, my shop located at is a little different than the shop I have here. The difference being that the images are different sizes. So, the shop at are hosting the really large images that can be used for commercial use. Some rules do apply so please read the terms before purchasing any of my graphics over there. Also the price for each images has increased because of the size but mainly because those images can be used for commercial use also. Do you follow me so far?

Okay, so the images here at this site had been reduced in size and are for taggers and anyone wanting to create email stationery. The largest size of the images are around 800 pixels in either width or height depending on each image. So. That pretty much explains that, lol.

If you are still unclear about me having 2 different shops just remember that the one here using my domain name is for taggers. And the other shop located at is for commercial use products. Got it? Good.

Thanks for reading and hugs, Mod Girl.