My Shop at Creative Fabrica

Okay, now I don’t want to confuse anyone so please read this in it’s entirety, lol.

I have created a shop at which you can find here:

Now, my shop located at is a little different than the shop I have here. The difference being that the images are different sizes. So, the shop at are hosting the really large images that can be used for commercial use. Some rules do apply so please read the terms before purchasing any of my graphics over there. Also the price for each images has increased because of the size but mainly because those images can be used for commercial use also. Do you follow me so far?

Okay, so the images here at this site had been reduced in size and are for taggers and anyone wanting to create email stationery. The largest size of the images are around 800 pixels in either width or height depending on each image. So. That pretty much explains that, lol.

If you are still unclear about me having 2 different shops just remember that the one here using my domain name is for taggers. And the other shop located at is for commercial use products. Got it? Good.

Thanks for reading and hugs, Mod Girl.

New Products!

So I’ve been busy creating more graphics and the most recent sets include; Unicorns, Robots, Scenic Seasons, Little Girls, Cute Pups and Little Boys. I’ve been making a list of images I’d like to make next and if you have any suggestions about what you’d like me to make next, please leave a comment below.

A few of my friends have asked me more about the AI (Artificial Intelligence) program that I use to create my graphics. The program is available to all subscribed users of the site; CreativeFabrica dot com. And since I now have a 2 year subscription to the site I can use the program anytime I feel like it to make more graphics, lol. Now the program isn’t an exact science. It does create some odd type of graphics and you have to be sure and let the program know exactly what you want the image to look like that you are creating each time.

I have gone through so many hits and misses using the program and I think that’s the best way to get used to using it. By trial and error. But I’ll tell you, there were a lot of errors when using the program. Not everything I would try would work to my advantage and I had to get used to typing in special type of descriptions so the program would understand what I meant. It sounds so bizarre to some people and I guess it does when you think about it but the program does work and it can turn out some really lovely graphics if you just apply the time and effort to using it.

And if you don’t think so just have a look inside my shop. You’ll see some really nice graphics. And all those were created by trial and error. I honestly don’t know how many images I deleted because they didn’t come out as I planned. But I can tell you this much; there were a lot! LOL. Have a great day everyone and hugs, Mod Girl.

Tag Show Off!

I’ve been having so much fun using my graphics to make tags. All of the graphics I create are saved as a jpg and removing the background isn’t that much of a chore when you put your mind to it. I have made a few new tags using my graphics and and it’s always fun to see what ways I can come up with to use the images, lol. And I hope you’ll get some kind of inspiration when using my graphics by seeing the tags I make. Hugs!!

Lots of Products Added!

I’ve been busy adding lots of products here in my shop. Overall the majority of the graphics are fairies but there are other graphics also available. For instance; cute mice wearing tutu’s, ladybugs, flowers, old farm trucks, bees, birds, cats, dogs, country girls.

And there is a plethora of Holiday themed graphics as well like; Halloween, Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentines day, etc… Just click on the link above that reads; “Shop” and start viewing all the graphics available! And to get a better idea of what each graphic package includes, click on each preview and it will show you a larger image. It’s really that easy!

I am also working on some new graphics to add to my shop so stay tuned for those very soon. Thanks for stopping by and hugs, Mod Girl.

New Site!

I created this site to showcase (and sell) my original graphics that I have made recently. All my graphics were created using AI Technology and are copyrighted to me. Please be sure and read my Term of Use BEFORE purchasing and/or using any of my graphics.

All my graphics are created as jpg images but you may remove the background from my graphics and use them for your personal projects like tag making or creating email stationery. Please also know that since all my graphics are copyrighted to me, credit IS REQUIRED on each tag or email stationery you create when using my graphics. The credit should look like this:

© Mod Girl Graphics

Most of the graphics I have been creating lately have been fairies and other type of images that I myself would usually use when making tags. So, if you have any suggestions about what you’d like me to create next please let me know by leaving a comment here at my site.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you have fun creating tags and email stationery using my graphics! Hugs, Mod Girl.